Though still mostly a niche hobby, in recent years the past time of collecting Minifigures has grown much in popularity. Mostly connected to popular wargames, like Warhammer 40K or Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, these miniatures attract not only the tabletop strategists but also collectors and even artists.

The origins of this hobby can be traced to both Toy Soldiers that children used to play with, and full-on battle reconstructions in diorama form (like on the picture below) that used to be popular amongst amateur and even professional historians of warfare. But the true wargaming was in fact invented by Prussians in the 19th ct. The Prussian military adopted this form of past time as an official tactical training in 1824. In the later part of the century, it moved all around the world to become a hobby for some of the upper classes but only in the second half of the 20th ct, it has become a hobby for everyone. And popularity is only rising!

The growing popularity of the hobby can be best presented in a simple fact: Games Workshop, a British wargaming company, perhaps the biggest producer of Minifigures, has risen 160% in stock value in 2017, reaching a whopping £770m. But Games Workshop is far from the only Minifigures producer and all the types of the Warhammers are far from the only kinds of wargames. Below are some interesting examples of wargaming systems that you might want to explore:

- Warhammer 40K and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop
- Fallout: Wasteland Warfare by Modiphius Entertainment
- Middle Earth by Games Workshop
- Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd Edition by Fantasy Flight Games
- Bolt Action by Osprey Publishing

Assuming that you checked the systems that I recommended (maybe even found some on your own!) what should you do next? Well, it’s simple really! Go out there and buy your first model! (You might need to look for it online since the stores aren’t everywhere). Then you should buy yourselves some glue, a brush and a decent selection of paints. You might pay through your nose, but boy! are you in store for some serious fun!